two ingredient magic chocolate shell

two ingredient chocolate crackle toppingFirst up – some blog news – I’m migrating to a new website so there may be some hiccups.

In addition to a new website, I’m also embarking on painting my entire house, planning a major hiking trip, and have a new book, Sir John’s Table coming out!


Though I’ve been spending less time than usual in my kitchen, I have still been cooking and gardening. The arugula and lettuce are up in my garden, the zucchini and tomatoes are coming along, and the coriander I planted from seed is finally sprouting. Last night I made a wonderful, creamy, fragrant, vegan Thai green curry and I’ll post that recipe soon. In the meantime, I’ve been LOVING this two-ingredient magic chocolate shell and whipping it up for fast desserts with ice cream or frozen yogurt and fresh fruit.

It’s a bit scandalous to call this a recipe because you need two minutes (plus or minus 30 seconds) and two ingredients – chocolate chips and coconut oil. That’s it. The recipe is all over Pinterest in various forms. I used dark chocolate chips and organic coconut oil. Zap them on half-power in the microwave. Stir, pour over ice cream, and serve. The hot sauce hardens on contact with the cold ice cream. Le voila – dessert!

If you’re in Canada and haven’t already tried it – I recommend President’s Choice “Elk Crossing” ice cream. “Vanilla-flavoured ice cream with a thick fudge ripple and chocolate peanut butter cups.” Please note, I am not being paid to endorse this product nor supplied with ice cream. Though that would be nice … 😉elk crossing

magic chocolate shell

  • Difficulty: easy
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  • 1 cup of chocolate chips (dark, milk chocolate, or white)
  • 2 tbsp solid, organic coconut oil

Microwave on medium power for 2 minutes, checking at 1 minute, 30 seconds and stirring, return to microwave for 30 seconds or as long as it takes to melt the chips and reach a smooth consistency.

Pour over ice cream. Refrigerate any remaining topping and microwave on medium power as needed.