stilton and pecan shortbreads

 “Maybe I should make a coulibiac of salmon with a whole salmon.”

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it’s gin o’clock: time for a blackberry gin fizz

It’s been one of those weeks. Nothing more need be said about that.  Time for a drink. I Continue reading “it’s gin o’clock: time for a blackberry gin fizz”

Unrequited love and homemade (dairy-free) Baileys

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on not becoming a food wanker

baked brie with caramel pecan, cranberry. and applesWarm Caramel Brie with Cranberries, Apples, and Pecans

Sometimes I just want to sit in a pub with a glass of white house wine (yes, house wine, spare me all the wine jargon, puh-lease!) and a good old-fashioned BLT sandwich – that is – decent bacon, thinly sliced ripe tomato, and head lettuce (which must be an heirloom plant by now) – all slathered with old-fashioned, high-fat mayo and served on toasted rye. Preferably marbled rye – buttered. French fries on the side. Ketchup and vinegar. And yes, salt. Table salt will be fine. Continue reading “on not becoming a food wanker”

Berry-infused Vodka

For all kinds of reasons, I’ve had a couple of humdinger weeks. Stuff has been going wrong. All kinds of stuff. Stuff that normally goes right. Stuff at work. Stuff at home. Even running – I’ve been limping through my runs. I just can’t get motivated.

And I’m having a series of cooking flops too. COOKING. The thing I always resort to in all times of duress – the thing that never lets me down. At least usually. Continue reading “Berry-infused Vodka”

beating the February blahs – one homemade Baileys at a time

Homemade BaileysIt’s February, it’s cold, and it’s snowy. And it’s Sunday. The fire is on. The dog is sleeping. The pine tree out my study window looks like an old-fashioned Christmas card. I should go skating but it’s so much easier to stay indoors. Time for a coffee with Baileys.  Continue reading “beating the February blahs – one homemade Baileys at a time”

24 wines in 48 hours: a quick education in wine, grape varietals, and grape grammar

I’ve just returned from a beautiful weekend in Niagara wine country. The vineyards were lush with hanging grapes, the sky was cornflower blue, the nights were crisp, and the days were warm. This dry, hot summer we’ve had in Ontario has apparently been perfect grape growing weather. Continue reading “24 wines in 48 hours: a quick education in wine, grape varietals, and grape grammar”