classic monte cristo sandwich with red currant relish

“The death of hope is a tricky thing.”

~Bernard Ng

Bernard Ng is an American writer from Pasadena, California. When I was in Vermont, I heard him reading from his beautiful memoir when he suddenly read a line that I’d written. Only I hadn’t written it – he had. We’d written the same line. Pretty much word for word.

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an ancient culture – sourdough bread made easy


A couple of months ago, I was entrusted with some sourdough starter that had been grown on grape must in LaBrea, California, over twenty years ago. The friend, who gave me the rare gift, in a glass jam jar along with some cursory instructions for its care, reminded me that the starter is a living thing.

I actually feel a sense of responsibility towards it – I don’t want to be cause of the starter’s demise after its twenty year plus lifespan and it’s long trip across the continent and north of the border to Eastern Ontario. Continue reading “an ancient culture – sourdough bread made easy”

plagiarism and the starbucks pumpkin scone clones

Lately I’ve been thinking about plagiarism.

The topic made big news recently in the Canadian media when our once pre-eminent national newspaper, the Globe and Mail, had an epic plagiarism scandal.

A regular Globe and Mail columnist was said to have “borrowed” copy directly from a blog. Continue reading “plagiarism and the starbucks pumpkin scone clones”