baked cheese and jalapeño dip

It was Victor Hugo who said, “There is nothing so powerful as an idea whose time has come.”

Victor Hugo was all kinds of things. A poet, playwright, novelist, and essayist. A statesman. A human rights campaigner.  A talented visual artist.  A Catholic at odds with his faith.  A sexually charged egomaniac.  A man with a complicated and at times, incredibly tragic personal life.  And above all, a Frenchman, even though he lived for some time in exile in the Channel Islands.

I had invited a couple of friends in for a kind of impromptu, pot-luck, appetizers-only dinner. An idea whose time has come! We started with berry infused vodka before moving on to wine and a feast of appetizers.  All night, we sat outdoors, on the back patio under the stars. It was a perfect early summer night. We devoured a platter of sushi, black olive and garlic tapenade with pita crisps, a mountain of vegetables and spinach dip, a fresh bean salad, a cranberry and almond salad, and this spicy, baked cheese dip with French bread.

I like cheese. A lot. Almost every kind of cheese. I could easily give up meat so long as I could still have cheese. But if I became a vegan – I’d have to be one of those cheating-cheese-eating vegans.

I expect a cheese snob would turn their nose up at this dip. Never mind. Their loss. I think this dip is insanely delicious. It’s one of my favourite party things. And I love eating the leftovers cold the next day.  In fact – I spent all day the day after the appetizers-only party looking forward to coming home from work and pouring myself a glass of cold white wine and eating up the leftover baked jalapeño and cheddar dip for dinner. It did not disappoint.

Baked Jalapeño and Cheese Dip

454 grams (1 lb) cream cheese
1 cup mayonnaise (I use Hellmann’s)
1 200 gram can jalapeño peppers, drained
1/2 cup grated cheddar
1/2 cup grated parmesan

Preheat oven to 350°F.

Mix all ingredients together in the food processor, pulsing until desired consistency is achieved.

Spoon into an 8 x 8 inch glass or oven-proof pottery serving dish.

Bake 15-20 minutes or until hot and bubbly and lightly browned. Let stand 10 minutes before serving with a sliced French stick.

30 thoughts on “baked cheese and jalapeño dip

    1. Yes – it’s a bit of a stretch isn’t it – from Hugo to cheese in one breath! 😉 That’s the fun of blogging.
      And you are SO right about not going wrong with three cheeses in one recipe! I do believe cheese may just be therapeutic!

  1. I love cheese.I had become suddenly and severely lactose intolerant about 10 years ago and it lasted for 3 solid years.I had to go on a flora-replenishment regimen. I need to go on another diet, but…cheese…. it’s hard to break with,(esp,. after knowing what life is without i t.) BTW, you could be a lacto-vegetarian and use dairy…just no meat.
    The dip?NICE.I love the idea of appetizers-only meal.

    1. Tonette – the appetizers only potluck girls’ get together may just be the best party idea ever. SO easy and so tasty. You should have one. It’s fun for everyone – even the hostess!

      Oh yes – good idea – lacto-vegetarian – with the odd meat lapse – that’s me! 😉

    1. Johnny – this is very low brow compared to your cooking.
      But it is mighty delicious. And essentially it’s cheese on toast – in a slightly different format. And we so both love our cheese on toast….or spelt bread…

    1. David – don’t be jealous – this was an all female event!
      The cheese – yes – can’t survive without cheese.
      Bought some Bush Cheese today at the Memorial Centre Farmers’ Market. It’s made in Elgin from unpasteurized milk. Fabulous. You’ve GOT to try it. 😉 Lindy

  2. As an oft-labeled cheese snob myself, I must admit I love cheese dips like these. They are ooey and gooey and and creamy and spicy and just absolutely perfect. I’m glad cheese helped you figure things out! I think it gives just as many revelations as wine, and often more lucid ones.

    1. Hurray – yes – but I don’t think you’re a food/cheese snob. I think you are a serious lover of cheese! There’s such a difference.
      And you’re right about lucid cheese revelations! Sometimes I have very lucid fabulous dreams after eating cheese – especially blue cheese.

  3. So delicious, I love cheesy warm dips or spreads and with a wee dose of Victor Hugo. No cheese snobs here, love this. Also a berry infused vodka is a great way to start out.

    1. Cheese and Victor Hugo – they’re natural companions being oh-so-French.
      Glad you are not a cheese snob and not surprised because you are SO decent.
      Food snobbery like all forms of snobbery is kind of funny and mostly silly. (When I think of funny elitism – I always think of High Fidelity and music snobbery – such a great book/film.) Fact is that we are so lucky to live where we do – where we can pick and choose from such an abundance.

  4. Oh wow! Lindy, this sounds awesome!! And I am the same way about cheese — I absolutely could never be a vegan because I couldn’t give up cheese (or honey, could never give up honey either).

    1. Kenley – I just looked up vegans and honey. I didn’t realize vegans do not eat honey. Makes sense. But I’m with you. I put honey on my muesli in the mornings & love all its amazing properties.
      But yes- make the dip. Would go perfectly with your beautiful baguette….

  5. I can have this as a proper meal with a glass of wine Lindy. Or make it 2 glasses… Apart from blue cheese which I am still learning to appreciate, I love all others and the three cheeses in this recipe are my favourites. I’m going to make this. The crumb of the baguette is beautiful too!

  6. This sounds extremely delicious. I love cheese as well. I can eat al different kinds all day long. I will have to try this recipe for my next get together. Thank you very much!

    1. Forgive me if I am replying twice here. I’m on my mother’s dial-up and cannot even view my own page! Can only get into the comments because there are no photographs… and I did try to reply earlier but the dial-up shut down while waiting so I cannot see what actually loaded! Thank you for this lovely comment and I hope you do try the cheese dip because it is EASY and people always ask for the recipe. 🙂

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