a winner is announced!



I HAVE A WINNER for the win a Taste of Wintergreen competition!!!

Congratulations to G Leather of Guelph, Ontario and I hope you enjoy the book! A copy will be on the way shortly. It’s lovely to send a book off into the world….

Happiest of New Years to you all in 2013 and sincerest gratitude for following my rambles in the kitchen.


8 thoughts on “a winner is announced!

    1. Dear Tracey – I’m so thrilled to have found you – really. I am quite besotted with your adventures in the Hebrides. I look forward to reading more in 2013. And yes – all the very best for the New Year. Happy Hogmanay is it?! Lindy

  1. Warmest wishes for Happy New year to you and all your family Lindy. Love your blog, your recipes, book…….a pleasure always to read your work, big hug, nancy

    1. Thank you Marisa – it’s mutual – i love your blog too!

      The cover photo is of garlic scapes from my garden. We have a tiny garden – FULL of garlic, a few tomato plants, and lots of herbs. Right now it’s all sleeping under a blanket of snow.

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