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A while back one of my favourite blogs,, nominated A Taste of Wintergreen for a Liebster Award – a sweet little blogger-to-blogger reward, designed to help publicize the blogs we love. Thank you Candy – love your Scottish-life-in-France blog!
The requirements for accepting the Liebster Award are that you answer the nominator’s questions, link back to the referring blog, and nominate a blog you love.
So here goes: ‘s questions to me.
What’s the first thing that pops into your head when I say:
France? le tour Mont Blanc, pain au chocolat, The Diving Bell and the Butterfly – that stunning book by Jean-Dominique Bauby, late Editor-in-Chief of French Elle.
Chocolate? molten chocolate cakes, lindt milk chocolate balls, double chocolate Tim Tams dipped in coffee
Summer holiday? a month at a cottage on a lake – hiking, swimming, kayaking and reading a stack of books
Christmas? chalet in the woods with a fire roaring, lots of food and wine, and snow falling outside and of course, my daughters (a little idealistic?!)
Yellow?  spring, William Wordsworth, and daffodils
4?  bad luck in Japanese
goosepimples (goosebumps)?  Vincent Van Gogh’s Sunflowers – every hair on my arm stood on end when I saw the original in London’s National Gallery
sweet?  morning coffee in bed, sunlight, moonlight, starlight, the voice of Meaghan Smith, my singing teacher, my daughters, my dog Lola!
mice?  my cat – asleep on the bed – oblivious to everything
haggis? walking in the highlands, my childhood in the north of England, and Brownies (as in Girl Guides). My mother once sent me to Brownies with a plate of haggis for International food night. It wasn’t very popular! I was representing Scotland. You’d think shortbread might be the logical choice for 6-year-old girls?
book? Conundrum by Jan Morris
liebster? Darling!  
My 11 questions for my nominee
1. what is your favourite book
2. favourite movie
3. worst bad habit
4. second worst bad habit
5. favourite food
6. favourite unhealthy bad food choice
7. what dream are you setting out to accomplish
8. where will you travel next
9. what’s something you’ve never shared publicly before
10. what’s your favourite holiday
11. what’s the best thing about blogging?
A blog I love – hard because there are so many…. I’ll start a blogroll / sharing the love page soon. But I do have a special place in my heart for this lovely English blog –

12 thoughts on “sharing the love

  1. Very nice Lindy. You deserve the award! However, can I just say that if people are able to choose a favourite book, movie and food, they have not read enough, seen enough or ate enough. At least that’s my experience! Too much to choose from 🙂 xoxo

    1. You’re probably right Jess! But still – I can easily say Conundrum my Jan Morris IS my all-time favourite book. To Kill a Mockingbird is my favourite movie. And food – really good bread, chocolate, and chicken lasagna florentine – not together. However I promise to keep reading, watching and eating.
      And you – you should keep studying! x0x

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