gingerbread cookies


Is there anything that smells better than freshly made gingerbread?  (more…)

easy, breezy, beautiful – four ingredient rum balls

rum balls

Once again, I’m so far behind in holiday preparations that I’ve practically given up before I’ve even managed to get started. There’s no tree in my new house, no decorations up, no baking done, very few gifts organized, and only one card mailed (to my sweet cousin in England). Despite the fact that I’m a Christmas minimalist – I need some serious help. Elves would be good.


a day in the life of – and the best ever (gluten-free) oatmeal cookies


I know “the best ever” is a lofty claim. A dangerous one in fact.

Still, I’m going to stand by it. Challenge me if you like. If you can make a better gluten-free oatmeal cookie… (more…)

more sushi, less sorrow

sushi5I’m navigating a rocky, erratic path through the #100HappyDays project. If you don’t know about #100HappyDays – you can read about it here(more…)

mastering the art of fig jam

fig jam

This week I made fig jam twice. The first time I made a tiny batch – a taste really – a single jar. Just for fun. I had some dried figs that I wanted to use and some gorgeous, incredibly sweet empire apples that tasted like candy apples. I was fancying fig jam on savoury sandwiches. Fig jam and ham. Bacon, lettuce, and fig jam. Peanut butter and fig jam. In the end, I had a friend coming for lunch and I made  parsnip soup and roast chicken, lettuce and fig jam sandwiches on seed bread. (more…)

Anaïs Nin and a classic Italian Bolognese sauce

007 (2)

“Something is always born of excess: great art was born of great terrors, great loneliness, great inhibitions, instabilities, and it always balances them.” (more…)

slow cooked leek, bacon, and split pea soup

It’s Sunday and the early morning sunshine is streaming in lighting up trails across the floor as dust motes swirl in the sunbeams. The coffee pot is on. Ella Fitzgerald is singing her heart out in my living room. I am assembling recipes and ingredients all over the kitchen – preparing for a cooking marathon. I text my daughter who lives only a couple of blocks away. “Do you have any bay leaves?”  I ask her.  (more…)


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