“the stark disappointment of words” and an easy flourless chocolate truffle cake

easy flourless chocolate torte

I’m a fan of writer Ann Patchett, whose book, Truth and Beauty, is one of my favourites. This week, thanks to the website, Brain Pickings, I came across a fantastic Patchett quotation that hit very close to  home, especially the last line:


new favourite thing – sweet potato, spinach, and mushroom ‘lasagna’

layered vegetarian lasagnaIf you use any kind of social media – you’ll have seen the headlines proclaiming you’ve been doing everything wrong – and not just wrong but “all wrong.” You’ve been boiling eggs all wrong. You’ve been brushing your teeth all wrong. You’ve been making your bed all wrong. You’ve been driving all wrong. Shopping all wrong. Reading all wrong. Chances are you’ve been living your entire life all wrong… (more…)

I haven’t answered your email because… / and a dairy-free chocolate mousse

dairyfree mousseAccording to Forbes magazine, most of us are spending more than one-quarter of our working week just answering or dealing with email. And that’s just email. Then there are the text messages, the telephone calls, and the time spent on social media sites like Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, YouTube, and LinkedIn…


the fine and practical art of procrastination and a carrot cake

carrot cake 2

When I have a really pressing task – especially if it’s also a HUGE, pressing task – I’m unbelievably industrious. Except that I’m not necessarily working on what I’m supposed to be working on.  (more…)

Schopenhauer’s porcupines and a root vegetable mash

winter root veg mash   Here, in the North American east, it’s been a brutal couple of months. Extreme cold, snowfall after snowfall, and high winds. We are heading into the tenth week of continuous winter. Most of us are getting a little fed up. Prickly, even. A bit like Schopenhauer’s porcupines. (more…)

a little Carl Jung and a cranberry, apple, and almond tart

Cranberry, apple, and almond flanEven though I’m skeptical, I begin each day by reading my horoscope. I’m partial to… (more…)

a taste of summer – whole wheat waffles with maple peach compote

whole wheat waffles with peach maple compote 2

It’s hard to believe that just a mere six weeks ago, we had a relatively mild green Christmas. Here in Eastern Ontario – where we’ve been under siege since the beginning of January with snow, high winds, and frigid temperatures – that balmy green Christmas seems disproportionately long ago and far away. (more…)


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